Book Review: “Project Hail Mary, Andy Weir”

Those that know me, know I love books. I am an avid reader but also I love to listen to audiobooks, they’re great for doing yard work or while cooking. As it happens, it seems I am a bit on a space kick right now. What am I reading:Project Hail Mary, by Andy Weir! The book is awesome- the narration is killer! It makes me thankful for the drive to work, yard work cooking and winding down at night. What does it mean to be human, when the sun is dying out? This unusual circumstance makes for one of the most interesting reads, it has humor, even in grave situations and it makes you want to believe in possibilities-and bizarre sidekicks. Read this book, it has made me laugh countless times and yet.. it gives a feeling of hope! Must read. #mustread #projecthailmary #audible #books#space #audiobooksrock #hopeful

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