Book Review: “Lessons in Chemistry, by Bonnie Garmus”

Bonnie Garmus's debut novel, Lessons in Chemsitry, is what the world needs right now. This books features a woman ahead of her time, with an unusual desire to understand things, a brilliant dog side kick, and some amazing supporting characters. I am not giving a full picture on purpose of this book because you MUST… Continue reading Book Review: “Lessons in Chemistry, by Bonnie Garmus”

Book Review: “The Change, by Kirsten Miller”

Everything, is not how it seems. Kirsten Millers' The Change is a reckoning book. It thrums with this boiling energy that makes you curious where is she taking this story. In this books reality there are three main characters, an unlikly trio turned best friends all with extrodinary gifts and all fed up with the… Continue reading Book Review: “The Change, by Kirsten Miller”

Book Review: “Gallant, by Victoria Schawb”

First of all- any book written by V.E. Schawb, is ALWAYS a must read for me. This book, supposed to be a young adult book, is rather dark and is an excellent listen on Audible. "Olivia... Olivia... Olivia... you must not return to Gallant." Just typing the words I can hear the narrator speaking those… Continue reading Book Review: “Gallant, by Victoria Schawb”

Life & Book Review: “Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski PHD., & Amelia Nagoski PHD.,”

This is a bit of a personal post, and a book review at the same time. Mental health has been a trending theme, it seems- especially, in the world and time of "The Great Resignation and COVID." I'll start off a bit about my experience. I loved my previous job, but... I didn't know to… Continue reading Life & Book Review: “Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski PHD., & Amelia Nagoski PHD.,”

Book Review: “The Paris Apartment, by Lucy Foley”

Nothing is as it seems. Lucy Foley is a brilliant author. I listened to this book, and it is good... but not quite as enthralling as her other novels. The main character is someone that comes across as unreliable, when she goes to visit her brother, Ben.. Yet he isn't there in his apartment and… Continue reading Book Review: “The Paris Apartment, by Lucy Foley”

Book Review: “The Golden Couple, by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen”

Do you need marriage counseling? You might not want to use this marriage counselor… or maybe you do! With a get-it-done attitude, the counselor will try to help you, but you have to follow everything she says. A couple with some marriage issues seeks out a counselor with unconventional ways, and that is just the… Continue reading Book Review: “The Golden Couple, by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen”

Book Review: “The Maid, Nita Prose”

Oh my goodness!! I loved this book. Read it- it makes you see life through a different lens. For me it made me more empathetic to a main character that has some quirks. The Nita Proses' is very talented to take you on a journey that makes you relate to other people that are on… Continue reading Book Review: “The Maid, Nita Prose”

Book Review: “Reckless Girls, Rachel Hawkins”

Well, life does get busy but I haven't stopped reading! Here is the first book backlog of books I have read as of this year! Reckless Girls, where to start! Do you like psychological mind tricks? What about tropical islands and your own personal island?! Are you needing a good beach/summer read? Look no further.… Continue reading Book Review: “Reckless Girls, Rachel Hawkins”