Book Review: “Spells for Forgetting, by Adrienne Young”

PNW finally got the memo that it is fall, and this is the perfect dreary weather read. Spells for Forgetting, is something I think we all have wondered about, wouldn’t it just be easier if you could just forget something that hurts deeply? This book takes place on a fake island in Washington’s Puget Sound.… Continue reading Book Review: “Spells for Forgetting, by Adrienne Young”

Book Review: “Fairy Tale, by Stephen King”

First of all, who can say no to a current day literal fairytale that was thought up during the early starts of the pandemic?! Needing an escape from reality it seems, Stephen King created a world wholly relatable yet… magic in of itself? This tale has vast array cast of characters yet and not to… Continue reading Book Review: “Fairy Tale, by Stephen King”

Cycles + Self-Emancipation Anniversary

Congratulations to myself for choosing me. Happy anniversary. I cannot believe it has been a year. Mentally, I’ve been trying to compose this post for the last several months. September was when I was really compelled to start putting my thoughts to pen and paper, well in this case it was keyboard and interwebs. End… Continue reading Cycles + Self-Emancipation Anniversary

Quiet Quitting & The Sad Truth About Most Jobs & COVID Awakening

What will society think of next? The word quiet… harmless on its own, barely making any noise, it is an adjective. The word quitting, ah.. that’s a word that has a bit more POW. When you think of quitting, what do you think of? Leaving something perhaps undesirable. The two words put together hardly make… Continue reading Quiet Quitting & The Sad Truth About Most Jobs & COVID Awakening

Book Review: “The House Across the Lake, by Riley Sager

Those that know me, know I LOVE a good suspenseful thriller. Riley Sager has been a pretty solid author in my book. However, I can honestly say his first couple books were the bestest. This book, is the PERFECT fall read, it takes place during fall in Vermont- and can seriously give the cozy sweater… Continue reading Book Review: “The House Across the Lake, by Riley Sager

Book Review: “Remarkably Bright Creatures, By Shelly Van Pelt”

Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelly Van Pelt is a wonderful story. Being from the PNW, she did justice with the setting and the familiarity of the area. But honestly, where to begin?! I listened to the story on Audible, and it was done in a way that pulled you in and could really feel the… Continue reading Book Review: “Remarkably Bright Creatures, By Shelly Van Pelt”

Book Review: “Lessons in Chemistry, by Bonnie Garmus”

Bonnie Garmus's debut novel, Lessons in Chemsitry, is what the world needs right now. This books features a woman ahead of her time, with an unusual desire to understand things, a brilliant dog side kick, and some amazing supporting characters. I am not giving a full picture on purpose of this book because you MUST… Continue reading Book Review: “Lessons in Chemistry, by Bonnie Garmus”

Book Review: “The Change, by Kirsten Miller”

Everything, is not how it seems. Kirsten Millers' The Change is a reckoning book. It thrums with this boiling energy that makes you curious where is she taking this story. In this books reality there are three main characters, an unlikly trio turned best friends all with extrodinary gifts and all fed up with the… Continue reading Book Review: “The Change, by Kirsten Miller”

Book Review: “Gallant, by Victoria Schawb”

First of all- any book written by V.E. Schawb, is ALWAYS a must read for me. This book, supposed to be a young adult book, is rather dark and is an excellent listen on Audible. "Olivia... Olivia... Olivia... you must not return to Gallant." Just typing the words I can hear the narrator speaking those… Continue reading Book Review: “Gallant, by Victoria Schawb”

Life & Book Review: “Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski PHD., & Amelia Nagoski PHD.,”

This is a bit of a personal post, and a book review at the same time. Mental health has been a trending theme, it seems- especially, in the world and time of "The Great Resignation and COVID." I'll start off a bit about my experience. I loved my previous job, but... I didn't know to… Continue reading Life & Book Review: “Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski PHD., & Amelia Nagoski PHD.,”