Book Review: “Fairy Tale, by Stephen King”

First of all, who can say no to a current day literal fairytale that was thought up during the early starts of the pandemic?! Needing an escape from reality it seems, Stephen King created a world wholly relatable yet… magic in of itself? This tale has vast array cast of characters yet and not to mention a dog sidekick. Hell. Yes. I did my typical read and listen to the audiobook at the same time. The narration by Seth Numrich and Stephen King was done superbly.

Charlie – main character, starts the the book talking about “the damn bridge” being the reason why a lot of things happen to him in this story. This story has rawness, it deals with the consequences of loosing someone who means the world to you. Yet… it also is the story of not being able to let go of loved ones either, even if they are hard to love at times.

I want to write about all the characters, and tell you about a boys love for someone that wasn’t all that lovable, and the love of a dog that is fiercely loyal, but to do so would be in fact giving way too much away of this magnificent book. I am not going to tell you what all happens, and psychoanalyze it. I will tell you to read the book, there are some dark parts, but it is all too human, and in itself, so vivid, I think it may be one of my top 5 books of this year. Read it.

How far would you go for a loved one?

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