Book Review: “The House Across the Lake, by Riley Sager

Those that know me, know I LOVE a good suspenseful thriller. Riley Sager has been a pretty solid author in my book. However, I can honestly say his first couple books were the bestest. This book, is the PERFECT fall read, it takes place during fall in Vermont- and can seriously give the cozy sweater weather creepy vibes. This book gives off Hitchcock’s Rear Window vibes for sure.

Casey Fletcher, a recently widowed Broadway actress. She been in the tabloids in not a real keen light, due to a slightly drunken performance. To get away from the drama and spotlight she goes up to her families lake house for time to hopefully dry-out and maybe come to terms with Len’s passing, guilt and heartbreak. However, maybe nothing is really as it seems.

The lake has an interesting set of characters, a recovering alcoholic handyman, a older man that lives there year round (who is still supplying Casey with liquor), and the couple across the lake. Not to mention the seasonal cabins that are mainly used during summer.

One morning, Casey who had been obsessed with snooping on the neighbors with her deceased husbands binoculars witnesses the lady from the house across the lake swimming. Even though the water is ice cold and the leaves are changing with the season. She notices Katherine all of a sudden is having trouble swimming, and decides to go out and help her with the dingy. Things change from there, and with the change, nothing is as it seems.

Part Hitchcock, part old myths, and part just bat-shit crazy, this story takes you for a wild ride, but can you guess the ending before it happens? Happy fall! Can the ghosts of our past free our future?

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