Book Review: “Remarkably Bright Creatures, By Shelly Van Pelt”

Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelly Van Pelt is a wonderful story. Being from the PNW, she did justice with the setting and the familiarity of the area. But honestly, where to begin?! I listened to the story on Audible, and it was done in a way that pulled you in and could really feel the characters. Tova’s son, Erik went missing in the Puget Sound over thirty years ago, under rather odd circumstances. The hero of the story though is a giant Pacific octopus- Marcellus.

Marcellus is an older octopus living in an aquarium. Where he witnessed something that just might give Tova the answers she needs. The cast of characters are amusing, relatable and sometimes makes you want to pull your hair out and maybe just maybe scream a little. It is a heart-warming story that might just be the warm blanket your soul needs in a world that is often chaotic and non-relenting. There is so much more to this story, but if you pull on one thread, the whole tapestry comes undone.

Read it. It truly is lovely. But you may get attached to the characters, just a fair warning. 😉

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