Book Review: “The Change, by Kirsten Miller”

Everything, is not how it seems. Kirsten Millers’ The Change is a reckoning book. It thrums with this boiling energy that makes you curious where is she taking this story. In this books reality there are three main characters, an unlikly trio turned best friends all with extrodinary gifts and all fed up with the worlds bullshit. Missing girls, and impossibly nasty situations. Sadly, this seem to be more relavent with todays world and sometimes, through fire comes redemption.

Nessa James, a widow, mother, nurse … oh and she can see the wronged dead that are missing. This intermittent ability Nessa has, is something that has been passed down in her family- lucky her, she inheirited it. Jo Levison, wife, mother, business owner and protector with this inner rage that burns bright for those that have been mistreated. Lastly, Harriett Osborne, from the outside looking in Harriett has it all, beautiful house, amazing career, loving husband and classy. Except… Harriett just had her career explode, marriage end and she’s dealing with this horrible HOA drama of the once tamed yard.

Warning: This book has some triggers dealing with human trafficking, murder, rape, corrupt people, and a nasty group of an elitist men in a vacation spot taking advantage of young girls and women.

At first, this book took a few chapters to get into- but as it progressed, I wanted to understand what happened to the girl in the blue dress… what exactly was going on with the group of men on the point, why were girls disappearing that no one seemed to care they were gone, and how this motly crew was going to right the corruption in their little seaside town. If you’re craving a good summer read, with a strong feminism theme, and a bit of mystism, with a cold case vibe, this book is for you. I read and listened to this book- the narration was done impeccably. Also, this book screams Devon Coles new single W.I.T.C.H., this single will be out July 7th- it is like the perfect theme song for this book.

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