Book Review: “The Paris Apartment, by Lucy Foley”

Nothing is as it seems. Lucy Foley is a brilliant author. I listened to this book, and it is good… but not quite as enthralling as her other novels. The main character is someone that comes across as unreliable, when she goes to visit her brother, Ben.. Yet he isn’t there in his apartment and she is left in the rain. The apartment complex has an array of different characters that come across as aloof, rude, abusive, regal and snoopy. Jess just wants to find out what happened to her brother, yet no one is taking her seriously or helping her. This book reminds me of the Hulu hit, “Only Murderers in the Building” but in this case, the characters are all less likable. Lucy Foley paints a vivid picture of Paris and gives you a taste of the Parisian lifestyle even if it is a sister looking for her brother.

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