Book Review: “Gallant, by Victoria Schawb”

First of all- any book written by V.E. Schawb, is ALWAYS a must read for me. This book, supposed to be a young adult book, is rather dark and is an excellent listen on Audible. “Olivia… Olivia… Olivia… you must not return to Gallant.” Just typing the words I can hear the narrator speaking those words. Julian Rhind-Tutt’s rhythm-like voice is excellent for this book. Olivia Prior does not have a family. Well she did, but now lives in an all girls home. The ghosts and dead things keep her company, for she does not speak. A bit of a misfit, with a love of her mothers journal- it at times seems to be the only thing keeping her sane, or maybe just the opposite. A darkly painted world, full of things that she seeks the answer to. When a letter arrives to the girls home.. from a long lost uncle, it seems she is wanted, she has people! Yet that is just the start of where things get erm messy?

Find the audiobook here!

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