Book Review: “Meet Me in Another Life, Catriona Silvey”

Meet Me in Another Life” is heart wrenchingly brilliant. I haven’t finished it… yet. I am enjoying it enough to share before I finish it! That’s saying something. I don’t know yet- how it all ties together. We never really do, do we? But the parallel question of what if two people were repeatedly brought back to learn a lesson…? For reasons which I do not know the purpose yet… l think it had to do with faith? Or the meaning of life? Or loving all aspects of someone? It is relatable, and frustrating just like how life is. The audio version is brilliant. The author is on fire and the narrator takes a bit getting used to but 15 minutes into it is all you need to get used to her voice. Read this book. There are no words. #audible #booknerd #meetmeinanotherlife #paralleluniverse#surreal #itsaboutlife #whatisthemeaning #fiction #life#whatsourpurpose #stars #sky #romance #catrionasilvey #novel@audible

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