Dipping the Toe in!

Hiii, to whomever is reading this. This is my first entry and hopefully it will be the start of a beautiful friendship. (Or at least an entertaining one). Cheers!

Oh my gosh. We made it to Friday. Phew. I love the ending of summer and the beginning of fall. It is this magical, beautiful time of year in the PNW and the golden hours in the evening are a sight to behold. The season is changing fast and it has started to not really feel “fallish” but more erm… “falling into winter”? Stormy, windy and starting to feel a wee-bit chilly out. Seriously though.. did someone put something crazy in the water supply?! Lots of people have different theories to the madness.. Mercury in retrograde, maybe the moon phases are making the crazies come out in droves, people drinking the Kool-aid; who knows. I do know though I am thankful that it is Friday.

When work has been crazy and the day is over, this time of year I love coming home to a quiet house. This evening I snagged a cheese board at one of the local wine and cheese places and decided to have a quiet night in. Everyone has their own way of unplugging at the end of the day. Some people love music, T.V., noise to drown out all the mental chatter, some love to cook, maybe take a bath or play in the dirt in their yards. All day people expect me to smile, talk and listen to their wants and needs. Who else feels incredibly drained after giving little bits of your sanity and soul through-out the work week!?

I don’t know if anyone else is feeling this way, but life pre-COVID felt almost like a high-speed train that if you didn’t keep up you got left in the dust. Now, life feels a bit like someone trying to learn how to drive a manual transmission, a lot of starting and stopping. It appears that people have started adapting to a new norm? To be truly honest, there are a lot of people that do not grasp that the way some businesses have had to make great efforts to evolve and continue to be able to function. Working in the retail, it is all sorts of special right now.

Specifically, I work in the jewelry industry. It is a beautiful, crazy, hectic, sometimes stressful, emotional (good and bad) and sometimes rather gross. (Some of my life tales and weird crap that happens at work will appear in these blogs, but I am keeping some of the crazy and really spiffy parts for a special project.. stay tuned!)

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